How can I support the project?

You can help make the East Side Renovation a reality by signing up for premium seating or making a gift directly to the project. Fill out the form above or contact the Bronco Athletic Association directly at 208-426-3556 to help us continue building excellence. All capital gifts to the project can be paid in a single payment or pledge over a five-year period.

Why now?

The time has come to modernize the east side of Albertsons Stadium. Boise State Athletics has also outgrown its student-athlete academic space and this project offers the opportunity to address both needs.

What is the timeline for completion?

A comprehensive timeline for the East Side Renovation is still being finalized.

Will any season ticket holders be displaced by the renovations?

Season ticket holders in the lower bowl of the east side will be impacted. Further details of those changes have been communicated to these season ticket holders. Priority in the reconfigured lower bowl will be given to current season ticket holders on the east side of Albertsons Stadium.

What new seating options will be available thanks to this project?

The East Side Renovation will provide new premium seating options at Albertsons Stadium. The upgrades include individual club seats, four-person loge boxes and a climate-controlled indoor space with enhanced food and beverage options.

What will this project accomplish?

The East Side Renovation is a complete remodel of the east side of Albertsons Stadium with a focus on touching every aspect of Bronco Athletics. Highlights include an exterior facelift, expanded concourse, upgraded amenities, premium seating, a brand-new academic center and a dedicated home for BroncoLife. This is an all-encompassing project designed to benefit every Boise State student-athlete, Bronco Nation and our community.

How much will the project cost?

Until the project is approved and put out to bid, the actual cost is unable to be determined. The project will be funded with a combination of private fundraising and money associated with new premium seating options.

How will the renovation impact parking?

We will likely lose some parking on the east side of Albertsons Stadium as a result of construction. It is unknown at this time the extent to which parking will be affected. Once final scope of the project is finalized the Bronco Athletic Association will communicate with any donors whose parking will be impacted.

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